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The book is dedicated to the memory of the late great Roy Walton and spotlights some of Glasgow’s finest magicians past and present.

Past Glaswegian masters have included Max Holden, Alex Stewart, Max Raskin, George McKenzie, Richard Armour, Jimmy Findlay, Dex Warren, Tommy Frederick and Duncan Johnstone. Take a look back in time as we list some of the members of the Glasgow Society of Magicians (1918) the Mystic Twelve (1920s) and the Night Owls (1950s).

We then surge forward to 1965 where a very special magical revival begins to emerge in Glasgow. The reason for this can be explained in two words – Roy Walton.

Roy’s knowledge, vast experience and infectious enthusiasm had created a Card Magic renaissance that no one in Glasgow had experienced before. The Walton touch began influencing others on a grand scale.

The Glasgow Magic scene – a veritable who’s who of magic from the 1970s. Who were the main players? It’s all here...

This book can only be purchased by contacting me directly via email or via this website. Only a limited amount of copies will be available.


Foreword by Gordon Bruce

Introduction by George McBride

Dedication to Roy Walton


Royal Exchange – If you like Vernon’s card puzzle, you’ll love this.

Impossible – A thought of card disappears and re-appears in an impossible fashion.

Transmutation 2 – Dr. Daley meets Oil and Queens.

Push Thru Aces – A version of Vernon’s Twisting the Aces.

Hofatwist – Twisting Hofzinser style.

Calling Card – A clean vanish and production of a card.

Computer Cards – A small packet of cards become computerised, before revealing a thought of card.

Thought Processor – Two thought locators capture a thought of card.

Cummins and Goings – A multiple transpo effect, courtesy of the late great Paul Cummins.

High Rise – Take the elevator to the top floor with this timeless classic.

Harry’s Game – A rather puzzling revelation of four of a kind.

One for Henry – A fun handling for the classic Princess Card Trick.

Memorology – Count down to an unknown number to reveal a thought of card.

Estimation Countdown – Marlo’s, Miracle Ace Cutting with an alternative ending.

Ickle Pickle Aces – A very direct 4 Ace assembly.

RDP Klektors – A streamlined Walton Classic.

Collecting Box – Signed cards to box.

Collecting Point – This received Roy’s seal of approval.

Petalies – A handling for Mitsunobo Matsuyama’s Petal principle.

Polygraph – Fool your magician buddies with this handling of the classic Lie Speller effect.

Back to Back – A very clean handling of Vernon’s All Backs routine. 

Lucky 21 – A very direct handling for the Mystery Card effect.

Quasi Thirds – Easy second, bottom and third dealing.

Snappy Dunbury – If you like the Dunbury Delusion effect, you’ll knock em dead with this version.

Under Cover Placement – A very versatile placement control.

Green Triumph – An in the hands version of Vernon’s Triumph routine.

Drop Aces – Check out Gordon Bruce’s Drop Pass. 

Vernannemann – A super prediction effect with a completely unexpected ending.


All Lies (Roy Walton) – A brilliant take on the Lie Detector plot. Such was the genius of Roy Walton.

Spectator Cuts to the Aces (Andrew Galloway) – A brilliant handling for Spectator Cuts to the Aces. You’ll love this.

Card Through Handkerchief (Gordon Bruce) – IMHO this is simply the best card thru handkerchief ever.

Power Trip (Peter Duffie) – A masterclass in trick construction. A multi-phase routine which is simply brilliant.

Re-Uprising (Steven Hamilton) – Steve’s final word on the classic elevator plot. And it’s a dandy. This is a different handling from the one that appeared in Steve’s book.

Re-Spectator Makes Good (Dave Robertson) – A very clever production of 4 of a kind.

Iggy’s Multiple Shift (Iain Girdwood) – One of my favourite multiple shifts. 

Stranger (Richard James) – A version of Jean Jacques Sanvert’s Color Sandwich. It’s a corker.

Spellbound Climax (Lawrence Frame) – A brilliant climax for Vernon’s Spellbound.

Newspaper Prediction (Alex Proctor) – A great handling for the classic Newspaper prediction effect.

Diamond Heist (Terry Rooney and Deric Blamton) – A great ending for your favourite Ace Assembly.

New Wave Oil and Water (Val Le Val) – This Oil and Water routine is beautifully constructed and very magical.




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