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Stay Cool by Tobias Dostal
Stay Cool by Tobias Dostal
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Stay Cool is the ultimate opener - an incredibly visual appearing sunglasses effect from Tobias Dostal that instantly establishes you as the magician.

Create shock and amusement by making sunglasses instantly appear and then change colour - one of the craziest ways to get big laughs and amazing reactions! The sheer unexpected nature of something so absurd breaks any sort of tension held by spectators instantly and is the perfect icebreaker for your performances.

But that's not all, through months of dedicated refinement the special gimmick has been crafted to allow a triple change, meaning you can produce green framed sunglasses that with a wave of the hand change to yellow framed sunglasses, and then with another wave of the hand the glasses change to black. And it gets even better, because you can then immediately hand out the sunglasses for inspection (if you want to).

  • Easy to perform
  • Perfect icebreaker
  • Creates great reactions
  • Gimmick and sunglasses included

Coupled with Tony Chang in the filming for Stay Cool, Tony's ideas on attitude and truly committing to your performance are covered, as well as why Stay Cool is so effective and how it helps to develop instant rapport with your audience.

Your purchase includes the required gimmick and glasses, as well as a full training DVD by Tobias Dostall himself that teaches many methods and routines. Tobias spends nearly an hour teaching variation after variation for the Stay Cool production with inspiration taken from classic comic legends - everyone from Buster Keaton to Marcel Marceau.

Stay Cool is a perfect opener not only for comedy performers but also for any magic performer wanting a powerful, visual and baffling opener!



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