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MINT V Unauthorized by Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT V Unauthorized by Edward Marlo & Wesley James
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More than the twenty major Marlo items Ed contributed to New Tops Magazine in 1982-1983 - not to mention new sleights, finesses, and subtleties - these items have been largely unavailable since their publication, almost 40 years ago. Wesley James has added another two years of material toward fulfilling Ed Marlo's expressed wishes, keeping his material available "for the guys."

As with Wesley's two previous releases, M.I.N.T. III and M.I.N.T. IV, these long-unavailable Marlo items could have been all Wesley compiled. Such a volume would have been a huge contribution to the literature of card magic. As a tribute to Ed, Wesley wanted this volume to offer more. So, he added clarifications, corrections - both logical and grammatic - plus his own personal Notes. Some Notes are complementary, some critical, some revolutionary, all are highly informative.

Wes didn't stop there. As Wesley has often stated, "One can't perform card magic without a tip of the hat to Ed Marlo." Wesley's friend of more than 25 years, Ed Marlo, inspired a huge amount of material that Wesley developed, massaged, enhanced and adapted through his performance experience. Among Wesley's included creations are full routines inspired by the Marlo material. Wesley's routines are fully explained, many for the first time in any published source. In total, Wesley has added well over 50 Notes and Bonus items.

If you're as devoted to card magic as Wesley, you need to own this volume and study it closely. The combination of Marlo material plus enhancements, Wesley's insightful Notes, and the wealth of original Wesley James routines create a volume that every serious Marlo student should own and absorb, and students of Wesley James material will want to explore in great depth.

If you already own MINT I, II, III, and IV, now you can expand your file of Marlo In New Tops while awaiting Wesley's completion of the remaining run of Marlo material, 81-85 - '84-'85 is in the works. At the same time, you can add to your collection of Wesley James' creations, and benefit from his detailed descriptions and analysis. Rarely has one book offered more to those who are serious about card magic. Some of what you'll read is easy, some is more technically challenging, but all the material is practical and can be added to your repertoire.

This entire collection, more than 55,000 words plus illustrations and photographs, in nearly 200 densely packed pages, preserves Marlo In New Tops. The ebook price is just $60 and, as you'll see from the Table of Contents below, you'll want to read this book carefully to absorb all it offers.

Don't wait to be blown away by this mix of older Marlo material and Wesley James' insightful Notes and cutting-edge creations. It's all here for you now.

Table of Contents

  • Jack Aces - Vol 22, No. 1 - January 1982
    • WJ on Jack Aces
    • The Jack Aces Show
  • Streamlined Transmutation - Vol 22, No. 3 - March 1982
    • First Method
    • 2nd Method
    • 3rd Method
    • 4th Method
    • Transmutation Transposition; Clip Steal
  • The Phantom Rides Again - Vol 22, No. 4 - April I982
    • First Method
    • Second Method
    • Third Method
    • Fourth Method
    • WJ on The Phantom Rides Again
      • Dribble Force
      • Bold Steal
      • The WJ Dribble Force
  • Up Your Ladder - Vol 22, No. 5 – May 1982
    • WJ on Up Your Ladder
    • ElevACEor
    • The Fake Reverse Reverse
    • The Drop Cop Switch
  • Not Out Of This World - Vol 22, No. 6 – June I982
    • WJ on Not Out of This World
    • Not Not Out of This World
  • Olram’s Leaper! - Vol 22, No. 7 – July 1982
    • WJ on Olram’s Leaper
    • Blushing Leaper
  • Quick Visuals For The Informed - Vol 22, No. 8 – August 1982
    • Don England Method
    • First Method
    • Second Method
    • Third Method
    • Fourth Method
    • Method Five
    • WJ on Quick Visuals For The Informed
  • Marlo Teaches Mullica - Vol 22, No. 9 – September I982
    • Object
    • First Effect
    • Second Effect
    • Third Effect
    • WJ on Marlo Teaches Mullica
  • The Card With No Name - Vol 22, No. 11 – November 1982
    • WJ on The Card With No Name
  • Miracles For Free - Vol 22, No. 12 – December I982
    • WJ on Miracles For Free
    • Freer Miracles
    • A Match Made in Infamy
  • On Marlo’s Controlled Tabled Riffle Faro - Vol 23, No. 1 – January 1983
    • Breaking In The Cards
  • Stabbing Back - Vol 23, No. 2 -- February 1983
    • WJ on Stabbing Back
    • They Smile In Your Face
  • The Convincing Addition Move - Vol 23, No. 3 – March 1983
    • WJ on Convincing Addition Move
  • Ribbon Rise - Vol 23, No. 5 – May 1983
    • The Improved Method
    • WJ on Ribbon Rise
    • Angel’s Ribbon Rise
  • Hoy Outdone! - Vol 23, No. 6 – June I983
    • Short Hoy - January 20, 1985
  • An Intriguing Observation Test - Vol 23, No. 7 – July 1983
    • WJ on Intriguing Observation Test
    • Fingering the Observation Test
  • Presentation In Reverse - Vol 23, No. 8 – August 1983
    • WJ on Presentation In Reverse
    • Not Me!
    • Wesley’s Half Wrist Turn Double Lift
    • Normally Not Me!
  • Marlo’s Magical Menu - Vol 23, No. 9 – September 1983
    • First Course: “Think Straight”
    • Second Course: “With Coins”
    • Third Course: “Know The Difference”
    • WJ on 3rd Course - Know The Difference- 2nd Method and Combination
      • The Lay-out
    • Ace Vanish/Transpositions
      • AV/T - 1
      • AV/T - 2
      • AV/T - 3
    • Ace or One
      • The Veeser Bluff Multiple Shift
    • Swing Slip Cut and Refinement of the One-handed Slip Cut
      • The Swing Slip Cut
      • Refinement of the One-handed Slip Cut
      • Off the Table One-handed Slip Cut(s)
    • The Facilitated Non-Slip Cut
    • Double Cut
    • Thinking Straight -- Method 2
    • It’s All In The Numbers
    • Thinking Straight – Third Method
    • Almost Real Transposition
      • Alternate Ending
      • Propelled Lapping
    • Thinking Straight – Fourth Method
    • Tabled No-Palm Aces
      • Partial Overlap Add-on
      • The SPOT Lay-Down
      • Bertram/James Revelation
    • WJ on Second Course - With Coins
    • Noh Know the Difference
  • Koran Outdone! - Vol 23, No. 10 – October 1983
    • WJ on Koran Outdone!
    • Short Breath Koran
  • Easy Drop Add - Vol 23, No. 11 – November 1983
    • WJ on the Easy Drop Add
  • Trapped Mexican - Vol 23, No. 12 – December 1983
    • The Basic Action
    • WJ on Trapped Mexican
    • Etude for Trapped Mexican
    • Modified Invisible Flight II
  • In Conclusion
  • Index
  • Bibliography



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