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MINT III Unauthorized by Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT III Unauthorized by Edward Marlo & Wesley James
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Beyond the Eight major pieces of material, not to mention sleights and subtleties, that have remained unavailable since the 20-year run of the New Tops ended, Wesley James has completed the task of fulfilling Ed Marlo's expressed wishes, keeping his material available "for the guys."

If the long-unavailable Marlo items were all Wesley compiled, this would be an important contribution to the literature of card magic. As tribute to Ed, Wesley wanted this volume to offer more. So, he added clarifications and corrections - both logical and grammatic - plus his own personal Notes. Some of those Notes are complementary some critical, all informative.

Wesley didn't stop there. As Wesley has often stated, "One can't perform card magic without a tip of the hat to Ed Marlo." Wesley's friend of more than 25 years, Ed Marlo, inspired a significant amount of material that Wesley developed, massaged, enhanced and adapted through his performance experience. Among Wesley's creations are Seven full routines inspired by the Eight long unavailable Marlo items. Wesley's routines are included, many for the first time in any published source.

If you're a fan of card magic, you'll want to own this volume and study it closely. The combination of enhanced Marlo material, Wesley's insightful Notes, and the original Wesley James routines create a volume that every serious Marlo student should own and absorb, and students of Wesley James material will want to explore in depth.

If you already own MINT I and II, now, finally, you can complete your file of Marlo In New Tops. At the same time, you can add to your collection of Wesley James' creations, and benefit from his detailed descriptions and analysis. Rarely has one book offered so much to those who are serious about their card magic. Some of what you'll read is easy while some is more technically challenging, but all the material is practical and can be added to your repertoire.

The entire collection, more than 35,000 words plus illustrations, in well over 100 pages, is formatted to match the two earlier volumes of Marlo In New Tops, for those who want to have their copies printed and bound to match. The ebook price is just $60 and, as you'll see from the Table of Contents below, you'll want to read this book carefully to learn all it offers.

Don't wait to be blown away by this mix of older Marlo material and Wesley James' insightful Notes and cutting-edge creations. It's all here for you now.

Table of Contents

  • Another Premonition - Vol 19, No 6 - June 1979
    • The Named Vanish
    • WJ Notes on Another Premonition
    • WJ Play Along
    • WJ Double Deal Play Along
  • Real Gone Aces Method 9 - Vol 20, No 2 - Feb 1980
    • Alternate Handling
    • WJ Notes on Real Gone Aces
  • Choice of Oil or Water - Vol 20, No 5 - May 1980
    • WJ Notes on Choice of Oil or Water
    • Olive Oil on the Side
  • Cards and Signature Transpo - Vol 20, No 7 - July 1980
    • Letter from Bob Nelson
    • WJ Notes on Cards and Signature Transpo
    • WJ Visual Card & Signature Transpo
  • Muk Aluuk Monte - Vol 20, No 8 - Aug 1980
    • First Method (Gaffed)
    • Second Method (Impromptu)
    • WJ Notes on Muk Aluuk Monte
  • Real Gone Aces Method #10 - Vol 20, No 9 - Sept 1980
    • Method
    • WJ Notes on Real Gone Aces
    • WJ Open Real Gone Aces: Finley Tent Vanish, Bertram/James Spread Revelation, Swivel Tenkai Palm
  • Visual Transposition - Vol 20, No 11 - Nov 1980
    • Method 1
    • Second Method
    • Third Method
    • Fourth Method
    • WJ Notes on Visible Transposition
    • WJ Visible Transposition: Clip Steal
  • Mental Pictures - Vol 20, No 12 - Dec 1980
    • WJ Notes on Mental Pictures
    • WJ Neoteric Jokers: Rapid Cull, Le Temps Change Variation, Tabled Diminishing Lift Switch, Small Packet One-Handed Top (SPOT) Palm



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