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Libraries Rock by Tom Hughes
Libraries Rock by Tom Hughes
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Would you like to learn the secret to creating the perfect library show? One that will get you booked and re-booked at libraries in your area? Tom Hughes, aka Professor WhizzPop shares the secrets of his success in this new e-book. It’s all about customizing and marketing your show around the Summer Collaborative Library Theme. This e-book is new for the 2018 theme “Libraries Rock,” and includes eight routines--including scripting, props and handling--all built around the music theme, books and reading.

A year ago, Tom’s e-book for the 2017 library theme was a best-seller on the AmazeKids site and lots of magicians benefited from his approach. Click on the above video to see Tom talk about the 2018 e-book. Along with the routines which include scripting and props you might already own, buy or can easily make, Tom shows you his secrets so you can make your 2018 magic show a perfect fit to the “Libraries Rock” theme.


Tom Hughes is a busy performer and I can't believe he had the time to write this. If you perform, or want to break into the library market, you need this e-book. It's packed with superb ideas.Ken Scott


What I like best about Tom’s approach is that he doesn’t preach to kids about the importance of reading books. He teaches us how to motivate children to read with routines that naturally refer to books and make them relevant to our show.Danny Orleans

In this 50 page downloadable e-book you get:

  • Eight original routines
  • Links to Video Clips of Tom's 2017 summer show
  • A new chapter on “Breaking into the Library Market”
  • Seven performance strategies for library performers
  • Nine marketing techniques to guide you in booking and re-booking libraries in your area.
  • Tom’s five step approach to creating routines that incorporate the 2018 Library Theme, Libraries Rock, in your show

Chapter titles include...

  • Philosophy
  • Links to Video Clips of a Library Show
  • Breaking into the Library Market
  • Getting the Gigs Again and Again
  • Best Strategies for Library Performers
  • The 2018 Theme: Libraries Rock
  • Trick Section
  • Trick: The Radio Star
  • Trick: The Record Breaker
  • Trick: Pebble and Rock from Shoe
  • Trick: Running Gags with Rocks
  • Trick: Fire Book? No Way! Here’s a Way!
  • Trick: Where’s Waldo?
  • Trick: The McCombical Flute
  • Trick: The Diatonic Seal
  • The iREAD Library Theme
  • General Reading and S.T.E.M Magic Shows
  • Back of the Room Sales

And, FREE WITH THE e-book for 2018, we'll give you Tom's 2017 e-book "How to Build a Better Library." 

Tom is one of the busiest library magicians in North Carolina (In 2018 he has booked over 100 summer library shows nine months in advance and 25 shows 18 months in advance!) Bottom line: His approach is sure-fire. Download his e-book, Libraries Rock, now. He'll be your guide to creating, selling and performing your own library show with a Libraries Rock theme... and you’ll be rockin’ your library business all year long.



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